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Beauty in Pink Footy Pj’s

September 13, 2006

Have you ever been struck by a moment of such perfect and breathtaking beauty that you just wanted to hold onto it forever? The kind where you think to yourself “I must remember this forever and never ever forget it”? I had one of those moments tonight. I was sitting on the couch watching tv when I heard a little sneeze coming from the hallway – my little 3 year old daughter was supposed to be in bed and asleep and I had put her to bed almost an hour ago. So…I get up to check on her and when she heard me coming I suddenly hear little footsteps running down the hall toward her room. I walked into her room to see what she is up to (here is where I feel so very sad) and I just know by the way she is looking at me that she thinks I am going to be mad at her and she is going to be in trouble for not being in bed. I picked her up and called her a silly little nut brain (her current favorite saying) and she puts her tiny little hands up to my face and says “mommy will you lay with me?” I lay down with her in her bed and kissed her and told her how much I love her – how precious and wonderful she is and how I will always love her – and she says to me ” I love you too mommy – you are my favorite friend!” You could have taken my heart from me right there and it could never get any better than that! We sang a few songs and she asked me to stay with her and she fell asleep holding my hand – she kept opening her eyes as they were getting heavy to make sure I was still there. I was utterly awestruck at the perfectness of a moment I would never have had if she had gone to sleep when she was supposed to. I wish I could remember her like this forever – breathtaking beauty in pink fuzzy feety pj’s who captured my heart forever and fell asleep holding my hand. Beauty sneaks up on us in the most astonishing places and we could so easily miss it.

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