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Ipods, grocery shopping and rainy Saturdays!

September 23, 2006

Sometimes I love Saturdays and sometimes I dread them. It seems like you wait all week for that elusive “day off” and you think it is going to be so great, and then…’s over before you blink! Between sleeping in a little, spending some time with the kids, doing all the millions of little chores around the house and laundry etc. that wonderful Saturday you pictured just slips away.

Top on my list of “must do” chores today was grocery shopping – a necessary evil in my humble opinion. I know that there are people out there who truly enjoy grocery shopping…I don’t know what they are smoking! (Just kidding, really! To each his own) To me, the process of putting together a menu for two weeks, making a list, driving to Walmart (another necessary evil!) and buying all that stuff (which never completly fits in one cart, and if it does it’s falling over the sides)is simply not an enjoyable experience. Then, comes the boundless fun of trying to fit it all in your car without damaging something, driving home and dragging it all in the house to be put away. Today, that fun was heightened by the pouring rain that soaked me, my shoes and pants as I attempted to load it all in! At my house, the day that all those bags of new food and assorted other items arrives home is always great fun for my kids. They tear thru all the bags to see what cool things I have brought home this time, and then they want to eat every fun and new snack within the first 3 days – so there isn’t any fun stuff to eat for another week and a half!

So there you have it…another exciting Saturday in our little corner of the world! We are stocked with food, the kids are coloring pictures (so far I’ve been given at least 10 to ohh and ahh over) and I’m looking at ipods on the internet (An ipod is my current “I want that” obsession of late) – I’m still baffled by the technology that allows you to fit thousands of songs and pictures in something that isn’t much bigger than a credit card! I figure if I get an ipod I can put all those amazing worship tunes that make my heart go pitter-pat in it and take it everywhere I go! Here’s a thought….maybe with an ipod I might actually enjoy grocery shopping!!!!! Hope your weekend was fun!

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