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Fresh Fire!

September 26, 2006

I feel excited! I feel a sense of expectation that I have not felt in awhile. It seems like God is doing a lot of things around here and I like it! I was thinking last night as I was driving around running a few errands that it seems ironic that I feel such a sense of excitement and expectancy – almost as if there is new life all of a sudden, and it’s happening in the “season of dying”. Things die in the fall – things go to sleep, and here I am feeling as if everything is springing to life! Isn’t that just like God? I think he delights in paradox sometimes!

Our Vineyard here on the South side of Indianapolis is hosting a conference for the entire region this weekend – Fresh Fire: The Holy Spirit and Evangelism. I really think some great things could come out of this conference – For me, for our region, for our church and for this city! Evangelism is an area that has been weak in my life for a long time and I really want to explore that particular wild frontier – I want to figure out how to be more “Naturally Supernatural” in my approach to the unchurched and pre-Christian people in my life. Looking towards Church Planting we want to, and need to get better at this – it was God’s idea in the first place not mine, so I’m sure he could teach me a thing or two about it. And….Lets be honest, “Fresh Fire” – who couldn’t use a little bit more of that in our lives. I LOVE being around people who are hungry for more of God, more of the Holy Spirit, more impartation and power, more Worship! It’s one of my all time favorite things!

So today, I’m enjoying the beauty of this “season of dying” and also enjoying all the new life that is springing up at the same time – how cool is that?

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