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Life is HARD sometimes!

October 16, 2006

I’ve had a bad week. Not just a “things have been a little bit off” kind of week – a really crappy one. Can I just vent a little? I figure it isn’t fair to only post about the good things in my life or when my outlook is sunny and upbeat. That isn’t a true snapshot of life is it? Sometimes life is hard, really hard. Sometimes you just want to run away, and even though I walk through life knowing God is in control and he is sovereign and good, I don’t always live out the reality of that.

So, here is the lowdown on my crappy week if you care to read this far! Lets see… my parents left (they were visiting for several days and we only see them once or twice a year – it’s a big deal to all of us when we see them!) and my house has that empty slightly lonely feeling that it has after houseguests leave and you are left with nothing but a lot of extra laundry and empty feeling rooms. Then, I started the period from …..Well, you know where. The kind that just goes and goes and goes and makes you feel like you just might be falling apart inside. Fabulous isn’t it? Then, my husband gets sick, not just a little sick, but REALLY sick….For days and days. We are on day 6 with no sign of slowing down. So, my house is a wreck, I am stressed out, I’m kind of left with being a single parent while the sicky recovers, and I’ve still got to work. It just hasn’t been fun…Not even for a few minutes!

The good news, however, is that this won’t last forever. Things will get back to normal, my house will get put back together and it will all be okay even if I don’t feel it right now. God is still good, even when I’m angry and grumpy and stressed out and even when life feels crappy. Today seems like a good day to convince myself of that. So here is to better days…I hope they are just around the corner

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