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Catching up…..

December 28, 2006

Do you ever feel like your life is on overload? Like you just can’t possibly fit one more thing into it? That is what life has been like here at the East household for the last 6 weeks! I’ve thought about blogging dozens of times, but I just felt like I could not muster the mental energy to do it! Christmastime is amazing and magical and wonderful, but sadly enough, I’m just greatful that it’s over!

We had a good Christmas…the kids were properly awestruck by the little details that make Christmas so special. We enjoyed our day with them and the times we spent with family along the way. It was good, but it was exhausting! And now, we are picking up the pieces and going on with “normal” life as we know it.

There will probably be some pretty huge changes in our lives this next year. I’m both excited to see where this journey will take us and a little afraid of the process. We are in limbo right now…waiting for the next season to begin and to see what our lives will look like when all the dust settles.

Change is good – it’s great even! I really do love change, but I fear the unknown well. I’m praying for courage and stamina, energy, passion and goood old fashioned faith to carry me through these next 6 months or so. I don’t just want to get through it all, I want to do it well…with grace and beauty and vitality.

So, here is to a new year just around the bend. I’m welcoming the new adventure with both eagerness and a little bit of dread….it’s honest human emotion right? I’ll leave you with one final thought for 2006…a quote that I stumbled accross the other day that had a big impact on me. “The grass is always greener…where you water it.” Here’s a prayer that we can all water the areas of our lives that are in need this coming year so we can see them flourish and come to rich abundant life! Blessing on you as you start whatever new adventure awaits you in 2007!

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