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February 6, 2007

Let’s see…..what is new in our corner of the world this week? My precious son was baptized on Sunday along with about 50 other people (yes I said 50!) from our church…and that is just since we did the last baptism in October! Here is a sweet Pic.

Brian had the awesome privilage of helping with all the baptisms so he was actually the one who did Noah’s – a special event! Noah walked around all day saying “Today is my second Birthday Mom!”

Also, Our amazing Colts Won the Superbowl! We were so proud and had a great time cheering them on to victory!

No bites yet on our house…I’m trusting in God’s time for this one! He knows just the right person at just the right time who will want to buy our house and all the details will fall into place. I have to believe that or I would go crazy!

We are in the midst of a big snowstorm and have had several days of subzero weather around here…is it any wonder we are looking forward to moving a bit South? I’m done with this weather!

A cute story to close….my son got in trouble yesterday for having a tantrum and being really innapropriate when Brian took him to get his haircut yesterday. When they got home and we were talking it through I made sure he understood that if that EVER happened again the consequences would be huge and that he was old enough to know how to handle his emotions better than that. We told him what his consequences would be for the way he acted and the entire time he just stood there quietly with tears in his eyes but didn’t argue or try to defend himeself at all. After we were done I told him how proud of him I was that he took his consequences so well and didn’t make an excuses or argue – I told him he acted very mature. He thought for a moment as he was eating his dinner and than said “Thanks…besides, I didn’t think you would have believed any excuse I could have come up with anyway!” I could not stop laughing about that! Perceptive!

Blessings on you in whatever little corner of the world you are in this cold February day!

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  1. Jennae permalink
    February 28, 2007 11:18 am

    That is so awesome that Noah was baptised. Haley has been asking about it. Also, great story…..I would have laughed too. 🙂

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