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Snow Day!

February 13, 2007

I know that winter storms cause untold headaches and problems for city workers and numerous other people, but can I just say how much I am enjoying this snow day? No school means no having to get up early and wrestle a kid out of bed and onto the school bus, sleeping in late is so much better! Nobody has had to leave the house or go anywhere….We are snug and cozy in our house just enjoying each other. Even though Brian is working from home today he is still around and it has been fantastic!

I made a special valentines breakfast for the kids complete with candlelight, special valentine plates and orange juice in wine glasses. They each got a few small gifts at their plate and tonight we will have one of their favorite dinners (Nachos) with pink valentine cupcakes for dessert. I know valentine’s day is tommorrow, but today just seemed more special and less rushed than it will be then.

The real world will still be there tommorrow….complete with deadlines, stress, slushy messy streets and parking lots, school and work etc…etc… BUT, for today, life is good and warm and yummy in our little corner of the world as we enjoy our weather induced day of family togetherness! Yea for snow days!!!!

What are your favorite snow day memories????

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