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What are WE doing?

April 10, 2007

So I saw this interview on Oprah a week or so ago (yes, I will own up to watching Oprah from time to time!)with people who have taken on various humanitarion missions and devoted their lives to it. There was a lady who has made it her goal to supply new pajamas (not used) to every child in the foster care system – giving them a piece of dignity and something that is all theirs. There was a man who quit a very high powered and lucrative job to run book drives and deliver books to impoverished villages in Napal – now he is working on building libraries for these children so they can have an education.

Truly, it was great stuff. Important stuff. Stuff, that THE CHURCH…THE BODY OF CHRIST should be doing. Why is the world having to step up and do what WE should be doing with great enthusiasm? Why do we donate little bits of our time and/or resources to the poor, but we don’t give our hearts? I’m in the same boat folks….I’m not making a difference either. I’m not giving myself. I’m not following the mandate of Jesus to “care for the widows and the orphans”.

There is a stirring in my heart and soul to really examine and search out what Justice means to us as Christians. There is so much to learn…so much to do…so much to seek The Father about. I won’t try to do it all here, but I will ask you as well as myself…..What are WE doing? Where is our treasure…our heart? Are we living out the call that God gave us? It’s something to think about!

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