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The AMAZING hand of God

April 17, 2007

We sold our house! We actually sold our house….against all the odds and without the involvement of a Realtor. When I tell you that the odds were NOT stacked in our favor on this one, that is an understatement! But, God is and always has been faithful, and the person he brought to purchase our house is a Christian who happens to be the girlfriend of a man who attends our church and knows my hubby. She is relocating from out of state and just “happened” to wake up early one morning a few weeks ago and wasn’t able to sleep so she started driving around looking at houses and happened to see our sign. She called and made an appointment and had no idea that it was our house – she has been to our church many times. When my hubby opened the door Saturday, her first words were “It’s you….this is your house?”

So, in the end we sold our house to someone who we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God brought to us…her timetable for moving is the same as ours, She will be attending the church here and will take good care of our neighbors….no crazy parties and such! She even said that she wanted to give us our full asking price since we were moving to build God’s Kingdom! Folks….if you ever doubt the faithfulness of God, I’m here to tell you – it’s for real! We will be moving around the middle to the end of June and once we get settled and have jobs and housing secured, we can get the ball rolling on starting the process to get ready to plant this church. The adventure is just starting I think!

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