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July 13, 2007

I’ve been waiting to update this page with the hope that I would have some encouraging news to give you all! Finally, today, I can report that I have a job! Yippee! I was offered a full-time job today with a company here in Raleigh. They have 13 optometry offices in the greater Raleigh area and I will be working doing patient services at one in the town of Zebulon wich is about 8-10 miles away from Knightdale – the town we would like to live in and eventually plant the church in. There is a good bit of opportunity for this job to work into a management position down the road, so it has alot of potential. I am going to try to negotiate a bit more money from them, but they are offering decent pay, benefits (although it’s going to cost us about $700 per month to insure us all!) with the opportunity for bonus money and really good hours. I would work 1 day per week till 7, 3 days a week till 5 or 6 and one day a week I would be off anywhere from 3-5pm. I will work 1 Saturday every 4-6 weeks only from 8am-12pm. So the hours will work really great for our family and will not prevent us from being involved with the small group we have started attending. I am thankful and excited to begin this new adventure. If Brian gets a job where he can get decent medical benefits for himself, it would cut way down on what we are paying through my employer to only cover myself and the kids, so that is something else for you all to pray for!

We are going to be attending a conference on Prayer at the Raleigh Vineyard this weekend, and then in 2 weeks both Brian and I are going to be attending a church planting conference for North and South Carolina. That week is also VBS for the kids every evening and I will be starting my new job on the 23rd so it should be a busy few weeks for us!

We are all doing well and adjusting to things down here. Culturally it is very different from the Indianapolis area, but refreshing at the same time! In the days ahead, please pray that Brian finds a job that will pay well so that we can begin looking for a house. We are running out of time to get those details nailed down before school starts for Noah.

We love and miss you all out there in Indiana and hope that God is blessing you daily! We pray for all of you often!

Here are a coupld of recent pictures of our family so you don’t forget us! This was taken at a Durham Bulls game right before the 4th

This was Taken at a local park:

This is at the Fireworks!

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  1. Stef Covert permalink
    August 8, 2007 12:41 pm

    Hi Tracy!I’m so excited to hear that you got a job and the many blessings that God has given your family. I just read Brian’s blog and it sounds like he has some good leads. It would be great if he could either teach or work at the guitar place. He’d be great at it.I understand that things have been a bit stressful at the new job. I’m sure that once you get the routine of things, that you’ll really enjoy it. I can’t believe that you get dental, too! That’s fabulous. I don’t even want to tell you how much I’ve spent on my teeth this past year. Things have been good here. I just finished speaking at a women’s lamplighter retreat. I decided that it’s much easier to do a drama and be someone else then it is to be yourself and be vulnerable in front of women that you don’t know. None-the-less, it was such a blessing. I actually had one girl come up and tell me that it was like I was reading her thoughts. (But God actually wrote the talk, so technically, He read her thoughts.) I had shared my hearts cry to the Lord, being open about my saddness and anger. This girl said that she had literally said the exact comments only the night before when trying to determine whether or not she should go to the retreat. God seems to have planted some much needed seeds of hope in the lives of many of the women. Well, lunch is up. Gotta run.I love and miss you dearly!Stef Covert

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