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Hanging in there…..

August 26, 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates….we are still here, still hanging in there, still praying for some progress! I have been at my job for about 5 weeks now. It was a very difficult transition for me. Difficult to move into a new field, difficult to be around new people (many of whom were not very welcoming!) difficult to transition into full time and be away from my family so much. It has gotten a little better each week, but I’m not convinced that this is the job for me long term. I don’t feel like I am doing something that is fulfilling and that I can really sink my teeth into – something that I can feel good about getting up and going to every day. It’s turning into something that looks and feels more like “just a job to pay the bills” and that is not ultimatly what I am looking for! We shall see I guess.

Still no news on a job for Brian and that is getting more and more frustrating every day! I never imagined that it would take this long. We are getting to the point where it just isn’t going to be possible for him to not be working for much longer! God knows our needs and intends to take care of us….I know this….but sometimes I wonder….(especially at night when I’m laying in bed thinking!) There has to be something out there somewhere that will bring in enough money for us to live on and get into a place of our own! I’m still believeing for that!

Noah starts school on Monday. We were denied the transfer to get him into the same school my sisters kids are in (which would enable a seamless transition for childcare purposes) so he will be starting at one school and then we have an appeal set up for the end of next week at which point he would be switched to the new school if the transfer is approved. Not ideal, and not what we were hoping for, but not the end of the world either. Once again, I am choosing to believe that God has a plan in all of this and trust in his faithfulness. I know he cares about the feelings of an 8 year old in a new school!

So, that is where things are at in a nutshell for us. We are hanging in there and looking toward the future with anticipation for things to be more settled, more permanent, less chaotic and more peaceful. We hope it happens sooner rather than later, but we are settling in for the long-haul, and will trust in Father’s time!

Blessings to you all wherever you are in this journey!

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