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An Update…

September 16, 2007

So life is still rolling along for us. I am still working at the same job and becoming more convinced all the time that this is not the best fit long-term for us. Brian still has not found a job (Yikes!) and Noah was approved to transfer to the same school as my sister’s kids (Yeah!) which he is really enjoying.

 Fall is getting closer and the weather is getting a bit cooler (Thankfully – we had TONS of REALLY hot weather this summer) and we are anxious to start a new season! We had hoped that a new season would bring further change for us (jobs and a home of our own) but that does not seem to be the case right now! We are still trusting God for our future and our finances and want only his will in all of this, but sometimes the waiting is difficult!

I am looking for a new job and praying about what is ahead for me. I am considering and praying about the possibility of maybe going back to school and pursuing my MSW (Master of Social Work). It’s something I have thought about for years and would open up tons more job opportunities for me (and better pay) as well as being an asset to us in church-planting and ministry. I’ve got alot of exploring to do before we are ready to make such a big decision though!

All in all, we are still just fine. A little discouraged some days, a bit worn our from the journey but anticipating the future. I’ll update more from now on, I promise!

I’ll leave you with this as “food for thought!” 🙂

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