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Shoe Shopping

September 17, 2007

nordstroms-shoe-sale-3.jpgWhy oh why is finding “just the right shoe” so freaking difficult! If you are a man and reading this you can probably just stop now or your head might implode from shear boredom……Now that we have that out of the way, as any woman will probably understand, I have been on a long and arduous hunt for the right shoes for fall to wear with cropped pants. They can’t be sandles, because we all know that isn’t politically correct after labor day! They can’t be a shoe that covers the top of the foot or they look dorky with cropped pants. They can’t be too dressy or too casual and must be comfortable…..all of which adds up to a near impossible feat to accomplish! I have been to…no lie…probably 6 shoe stores looking for said shoes and have come up empty handed on all counts. Tonight, I took WD (worshipdaughter 🙂 ) shoe shopping with me since SHE needed fall shoes and it’s never to early for her to learn proper shoe etiquette. It took us about an hour, but FINALLY between the two of us we came up with several good options that meet at least several of the above criteria, BUT, I’m sorry to say, that the perfect brown shoe is still yet to be found…..I’m still looking, and if you find it, please holla this direction because honestly, what is a girl to do without the right brown shoes for fall? Nuff said! 😮

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  1. Amylou permalink
    September 26, 2007 9:28 pm

    Amen Sister, is all I have to say! I am still on the great fall shoe journey myself. Who am I kidding, I am in the hunt for the whole outfit plus cute accessories.

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