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We could use your prayers!

October 29, 2007

We just could! I had a great interview last week for a job that appears to be perfect for me – great pay, great hours, seems like something I would enjoy, only 7 min. from where we are living. In short, it seems like an answer to prayer. The catch is, they are not going to be making a decision for another 3 to 4 weeks. So, I have to hope not only that I get some temp assignments or something else that will bring in money during that time, or that they make a decision sooner. If I am offered another job in the meantime, I will feel pressure to take it just for the simple fact that we need the money – badly. BUT, I so totally don’t want to get into another position where I am unhappy and have to leave and find something else a few months down the road – we NEED to get some stability going on here! So, just Pray for us will you! Pray that we make the right decisions, that the right jobs come to us at the right time. Brian still doesn’t have any solid leads – he has been getting some good temp work which helps, but it isn’t guaranteed or dependable.

So that’s where we are at. God is still faithful and we are still trusting him. We need prayer and we need God to move on our behalf. We are getting a bit down to the wire so to speak and some days I can be full of trust, other days, I feel overwhelmed and stressed. BUT, other than that, we are just fine!

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