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November 4, 2007

I am writing this at 3:09am – which is bad enough except for the fact that it is daylight savings time today which means that it should actually be 4:09am….sigh. I went to bed almost two hours ago and have laid awake tossing and turning so I finally just gave up. If you ever have the bizarre urge to find out the stress level of my life, just ask me how I am sleeping – this always happens when I have felt stressed over a long period of time. I have not fallen asleep before 2:30 yet this week.

So, in an effort to destress and induce sleepiness I will share a mind-numbing string of random, middle of the night thoughts and ramblings with you. Here goes:

There is not enough *clean* funny stuff available on the Internet. I tried for over an hour earlier tonight to find something funny and cheerful to post in this here blog so that it would not sound like all I ever post now is depressing “oh woe is me” stuff. I could not find a single decent *appropriate* funny joke, video or picture. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places, but I love me a good laugh and just like to have a supply of funny stuff to share with those near and dear to me – I feel that the Internet has let me down 😦

I *heart* Starbucks. This is not a shocking or out of the ordinary comment from anyone these days unless said person making the comment is in fact a non-coffee drinker. Now you are thinking I’m a little odd aren’t you? Seriously though, Starbucks has some kick ….ahem…non-coffee drinks. Top on my list right now is the Hot Carmel Apple Cider. It rocks and I *heart* it!

I watched the movie Shrek for the first time tonight – with my husband after my kids were in bed. Do we know how to enjoy a Saturday night or what? I know you thought we were all cutting edge and stuff, but the honest truth is, well, we are sadly behind the times.

I listened to a very interesting and entertaining band’s music for the first time today – I would say that they are new, but since you read the above comment, you of all people should know that I have no idea how long they have been making said interesting and entertaining music. The band is called DropKick Murphy. How did I discover this little gem? I’m so glad you asked! In keeping with my track record documented above, I’m proud to tell you that my 64 year old Father told me to check them out – Aces!

I’ve racked my brain, but that is all the random chatter I can come up with at precisely 3:31 am – I think perhaps I will go attempt sleep again. Wish me luck!!!

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  1. November 11, 2007 11:54 pm

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