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November 12, 2007

birthday.jpgSo it’s been a few days since I updated things – alot can change in a week! Last week I found a job (yipee!), Celebrated my 35th birthday (how did I get THAT old), Celebrated my 10th anniversary (even though it is technically this week, we celebrated on Friday because it was the best time), went for a girls day out with some friends from church, shopped for hours (and still have not found a good winter coat for my daughter) and spent some great time with my husband and kids. It was a good week – the best I’ve had in quite a few!

I will be starting work on Wednesday as an admin assistant for an engineering firm about 30 min. from my home. They are a large company with offices all over the world. Great benefits, good hours, decent pay etc. I’m cautiously optimistic that this may be “the one” – it’s a contract position thru a staffing agency so technically I’m on a trial basis with them and if both myself and the employer like the arrangement we will make it permanent. I got burned so badly the last time that this seems like a good way to do things – I don’t have to commit right at the start and can truly evaluate. I DO NOT want to get stuck in a position like before. I will have my own little office and I think the work I will be doing will be enjoyable. I will not be dealing with customers all day every day and won’t even be primarily responsible for answering the phone which seems like a plus to me. I will be doing mailings, fed-ex and UPS Shipments, ordering and keeping track of office supplies, filing etc – not difficult work but at least some variety. It’s a pretty big office with over 150 employees spread over 3 floors so it’s going to be alot different than the places I have worked in the past (all of which have been small with only 20 or so employees) – I’m looking forward to the challange.

We had  a great time celebrating my birthday with my twin sister and her family – My sister and I have not spent a birthday together in over 10 years so that was really nice. We went shopping – ALONE – just the two of us on Saturday to spend some birthday $ and I really enjoyed it.

So that’s the update….I got older, I got a job, I re-upped for another 10 years of staying married to my honey and I bought some new clothes – a great week if I ever saw one!

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