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I hate sickness!

December 3, 2007

I really can’t stand sickness – it just robs people of joy. Whether it is a 24 hour stomach flu or a terrible and chronic disease, sickness changes people and numbs them to the joys of life! I understand better when I think about it why Jesus went around healing people everywhere he went – he hated sickness too!

We have had a couple of weeks of on and off sickness around here – Abbie was sick Thanksgiving day all day, my sister and her kids were sick last week and I was sick yesterday and today. Yuck! I am praying that we get it all worked out of our households before Christmas! As much as I love Thanksgiving and hated to have it spoiled by sickness, I would REALLY hate to have Christmas spoiled. I am so looking forward to this Christmas – it will be the first time since Noah was 1 year old that we will truly get to enjoy Christmas as a family without the pressure of Brian’s huge church obligations looming over us – I am celebrating that we have come through the last season of our life and we are moving forward into a new season! I am celebrating what is to come this next year! I am celebrating time with my husband and kids all together this Christmas! Pray that we all stay healthy enough to enjoy it would you? We love you all and pray that the wonder and awe of this amazing Christmas season captivates your hearts!

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