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It’s beginning to feel alot like…….Aruba

December 10, 2007

It’s December 10th today…..and it was 81 degrees outside! Record breaking highs for today and nary a winter nip in the air to make it feel all frosty and Christmas like. I like a warm sunny day as much as the next person, but THIS is not what Christmas weather feels like! Apparently I don’t have this Southern thing down yet and am still thinking like a Northerner- but I just don’t get that “I’ll be home for Christmas” kind of feeling when I see the neighbors mowing their lawns wearing a tank-top and flip-flops!

So bring on the sunny warm days come March and April (or even January and February) but for me….December means fireplaces and hot chocolate….warm fuzzy sweaters and down comforters….you know, cozy stuff! Say it with me people…..”Chestnuts roasting on an open fire….Jack Frost nippin at your nose!”

So….as for me, I’m having a fantasy that it feels more like this:christmastreefirepicture.jpg

And less like this:


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