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December 17, 2007

So it feels like Christmas again….high of 47 today…last night we actually lit the fire in the fireplace for awhile. So much better for my emotional well being than this hot Christmas stuff. It can warm up in a few weeks if it wants, but for now I am happy!

This weekend we did quite a bit of baking – okay, that might be an overstatement, but we did make a few different types of cookies and decorated some gingerbread peeps with the kids. (They are not men mind you….we are both gender and ethnically inclusive with our gingerbread people…we have a regular gingerbread UN going on!)

I finished the last of my Christmas shopping while mourning the fact that months of no work for either one or both of us leads us to low funds for Christmas shopping and the exclusion of gift giving for many people on our lists that we would love to give gifts to….I love buying and wrapping and giving Christmas gifts – it makes my gift loving psyche all warm and fuzzy inside. I know that gifts are not what Christmas is about, but they sure are a fun part of it for me at least! I’m praying that next year is better and we can shower those we love with tangible expressions of our appreciation!

Hey…guess what else? If you have not yet watched last year’s release on DVD “The Nativity Story” you really should! We watched it at the prompting of our 8 year old  and really enjoyed it (it was a bit intense in places for the 4 year old so she watched a different movie in another room) – It really brought to light what it must have been like for Mary and Joseph – the emotions and confusion and fear….It touched my heart. A little side bonus for us was that it prompted some awesome discussion of spiritual truths and Biblical understanding for our son…he asked TONS of questions during the movie and I think he really understands the Christmas story better now than ever before. That alone made it worth the watch for me!

It’s going to be a busy busy week… me a favor if you think about it…pray for me that I would be both patient and joyful with my family and friends this  week – there is no point to celebrating the birth of Christ with a grumpy and frazzled attitude…cause you know, it’s not like he came to make a difference in our world or anything! Blessings!!!!!!

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