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I'm thinkin I may be in trouble…

December 18, 2007

When you have kids, you are somewhat prepared for the occasional difficult to answer question, or even questions that you don’t have an answer for. You expect your kids to challenge you….up to a point. I thought I might have a few years left before the really hard questions started coming.

So get this one…..On Sunday my eight year old walks up to hubby and I and says – and this is a DIRECT quote….”This question haunts me….why did God say in the 10 commandments that it was a sin to murder someone, but then in the Bible they could stone people who had sex before they were married?” – I’m just sayin….The child is 8 years old – these are the questions that “haunt him?” …Seriously? What kind of stuff is he going to come up with when he is 16? I think I’m basically screwed – I just don’t have great ready answers for these kinds of questions!

I think I need to go brush up on my theology and Bible knowledge as well as take a few more Sociology courses or something!

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