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I’ve learned something…

December 21, 2007

I’ve learned an important lesson this week…..if you want people to visit your blog, just go to the blog of someone who gets alot of traffic and participate/comment. I participated in the Christmas tour of homes this week and my blog traffic TRIPLED over the course of a few days – that is amazing to me!

Now, the pressure is on. If more people come to visit my little ol’ blog then I need to post more often and with better quality….so tell me, what kind of stuff interests YOU when you read a blog? What scratches your particular itch? I’m just looking for some ideas people – The crazy little thoughts that rattle around in my head will only take me so far!


As an aside… you think it a bit odd that the spell check funtion of a blog site does not recognize the word BLOG? I thought so…..when I spellchecked my post, every instance of the word blog was flagged! Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.

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  1. Amydeanne permalink
    December 21, 2007 2:21 pm

    i think a common thing I’ve found is to pick a theme and run with it.. ie. if you’re a photographer, do a photo site, if your a decorator, do decorating tips/photos, if you participate in meme’s pick one and do it well… i find it hard b/c i like so many different things that I want to do them all! but if you pick a theme it seems to work! that being said, you do have a great theme going, maybe expand on it? or pick something that goes with it.. it would fit with my Word-filled Wednesday meme… or maybe make your own meme of “worshipful wednesday?” dunno.. just thoughts… I’ve got to look more on here! anyhow my 2 cents. lol..
    and lovely home you have! I came for the tour and always get side-tracked! *w* with my babble!

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