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Letting down….

January 1, 2008

We are home – safe and sound, really tired and feeling the stress of the last few days, but home none the less. The trip was busy and emotionally difficult, but good at the same time. I REALLY did not want to go into that funeral home and see my Grandma that way. I was just dreading it in the hugest of ways. I won’t lie…it was hard, but once the initial hurdle was passed, it got easier and I truly enjoyed spending time with my family.  I enjoyed my family more over the last few days than I have in years. We cried together, laughed together, shared memories and ate a whole bunch – it was like a reunion, but with a sadness that kind of permeated everything.

I’ve been traveling down the path of nostalgia a lot the last week – remembering things that I have not thought about in years. When you drive through the town you’ve been visiting your entire life, or enter the house you’ve known as far back as you can remember it almost feels like a physical response – everything has an almost tangible emotion attached to it. It was difficult for me to stand in front of my Grandmother’s stove for instance, so many memories of all the meals she lovingly cooked for her family on it almost made it too difficult for me be there in that moment.

We arrived home yesterday afternoon (Dec. 31st) and quickly got our stuff unpacked and straightened out – I was in desperate need of some downtime for New Year’s Eve and one of my major personality quirks is my inability to relax if my home is messy and cluttered. We got take out Chinese food, a funny movie and just chilled out. The kids were in bed by 9pm and we had mint ice cream in bed and escaped into a romantic comedy. The movie ended just in time to watch the ball drop and then we went to bed. Nothing exciting for new year’s but it’s just what I needed! So now we are rolling into 2008 with high hopes for some new beginnings this year – 2007 was an exhausting year for us – I’m praying for some rest and restoration in this next year!

We pray for you all a new year full of blessing and fresh starts.  May you experience God as both Sovereign and Merciful in 2008 – finding him fresh is worth the journey to get there!

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