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Return to normal…I hope!

January 5, 2008

I think life is starting to settle down again for us into something of a normal routine. I don’t feel this sense of constant chaos and uncertainty that settled in both before and during Christmas, which was magnified by leaving for the funeral as soon as Christmas ended.  I’m grateful – I don’t think I had what it takes to handle too much more of that topsy turvy roller coaster I felt like I was on!

I’ve realized something about myself – I always say that I love an adventure (and I really do) but I think I truly love normalcy and predictability too. I like to know what will happen more or less from day to day. I like knowing how to plan ahead. I think as I am getting older I crave more and more of a “settled” feeling than I did in my younger days – and that’s okay I guess. I still want my life to have some of that “wild frontier” stuff to it, but I want to settle in at the same time.

I’ve been peering quite a bit into my own heart over the last few weeks and I think God has been showing me alot – both good and bad – about what is inside of me. I may write more about that soon, but for right now I think it’s a bit too soon! This weekend I just want to stop thinking so much and enjoy spending time with family. I want to cook some meals, do some laundry, go to church, and give my soul a bit more refreshing. Blessings on your weekend!!!

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