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January 12, 2008

Okay, I promised you an update, so I’m going to make good on that promise. In short, life is looking up for us and I feel like the Lord is speaking to me and leading us right now. I felt like he was quiet for so long….I asked him the other day during worship – “why don’t you speak sometimes?” and I felt like he gave me an answer so I wrote it down. I felt like he said “sometimes I am quiet because it makes you want me more. Sometimes I’m quiet and you are loud. Sometimes I’m loud and you don’t realize it’s me, but I NEVER stop speaking to your heart.” It was an eye opening experience for me and I’m trying to go through my days listening more and asking God to speak to me – watching for the times when he is speaking and I just don’t realize it.

Brian has had a potential job in the works – it’s a fantastic opportunity with good pay, so we are hopeful about that. God has spoken to both of our hearts about this year being a season of new beginnings for us and we really want to start walking into some of the new things he has for us. He also has a lead on a longer term temp position that would be something stable for at least a few months. If something permanent came along he wouldn’t be locked into it so we really have nothing to lose. I am so ready for him to have a steady job and some steady income!

I am now full time and permanent at my job – they made me an offer right before Christmas which was like a gift for me. Because of the great timing, my start date was able to be January 2nd which means that my benefits will start Feb. 1st! They have really great benefits and they are HALF of the price that they were at the last place which shall remain nameless. Plus, they have much more extensive and better benefits. So, I’m happy there and feel like I’m stable again. I know what to expect and don’t worry all the time that this will fall through and I’ll be back to looking for a job again. Good things are happening!

The kids are doing great – Noah is loving school and reads like crazy. Abbie is growing like crazy and loves Hannah Montana, High School Musical and Barbies. She will be gearing up for Kindergarten in a few months which boggles my mind!

So that’s the high points. It’s a good start to a new year. We have fresh hope, fresh vision and lots of expectation. We were just offered the opportunity to go to Brian McClaren’s – Everything Must Change tour/conference at no cost in a few weeks dealing with alot of the Emergent Church conversations. We are excited about the opportunity and look forward to a fresh perspective from the Lord.

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