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Here’s a question for ya…

January 19, 2008

Let me preface this by saying that I really do like my job. It’s a good job – there isn’t anything wrong with it. It is however, a workplace that is a bit….buttoned up. People don’t talk much, people don’t laugh much. Everyone is pretty serious and they kind of keep to themselves. It’s actually really quiet near my desk most of the time – really really quiet. So, that kind of sets the stage for you.

Yesterday, when I came into work I noticed a man I have never seen before working in an office that usually sits empty. He diligently typed away on his computer all morning and from time to time he would pop out and ask my supervisor a question. I’m not sure what his role was or where he came from, but it seemed clear that he was just around for the day. Towards the middle of the morning, when he came out I noticed that he was dressed really casually for the office. People don’t dress fancy around there, but it’s pretty much business casual. Once a month we are allowed to wear jeans on a Friday. This gentleman had a bit of a cowboy look going on – jeans, boots, denim shirt with a western flair to it…you get the picture. Now there isn’t really anything WRONG with this type of outfit (although I detest all things western in appearance and in my musical preferences 🙂 ) but it did seem out of place for the environment he was in, and he didn’t exactly have….how should I say this gently….the body structure to successfully pull off the look.

Okay, fast forward a few hours and I am sitting at my desk eating lunch. It’s quiet, I’m reading some emails etc. This guy comes around the corner and starts making copies at the copy machine directly behind my desk. Suddenly, out of nowhere I hear Justin Timberlake LOUDLY singing “I’m bringing Sexy back”. I was a bit startled until I realized that it was coming from this guys phone….in the middle of the day…in a quiet and conservative office….and it was LOUD….are you getting the picture? So, he calmly flips his phone open and starts having a conversation with someone about just finishing up and he will be leaving soon etc.

So here is my question…in the midst of the above scenario, do you

a: pretend you didn’t just spit your banana all over your monitor screen

b: keep your eyes straight ahead and don’t acknowledge that it even happened

c: applaud the man for his obviously healthy self esteem and join him in a rousing round of “Sexy back”

d: none of the above

Cause I have to tell you folks….I was a little torn about which direction to go with my reaction! I opted for quietly wiping off my computer monitor and pretending that nothing had happened. But what I wanted to do was shake his hand and tell him thanks for making my day. I tell you, good times friends….good times!


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