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Winter storm 08

January 20, 2008

We are snowed in in Raleigh today folks….the local weather reports the following:

Winter Storm Watch for Central NC (including the Triad) for Saturday morning through Saturday evening. 2 to 4 inches accumulation possible.
Cold temperatures: Saturday and Sunday night…Lows in the teens

This morning when I woke up and looked at the local news page they reported…..384 closings or delays……384! It sounds like some kind of blizzard right?

Here is the view of the winter weather from our house today:



Apparently the mere threat of winter weather is enough to throw people around here into a flurry of preparations, stocking up on essentials and preemptive closing of things down. Church was closed today and everyone yesterday was a bit freaked out about the storm coming! I’m sure they have their reasons for being so cautious about it all, but coming from someone who grew up in the Northeast and lived for years in Indiana, it’s almost comical!

So, we are staying home today, laying low, and enjoying our “Snow Day” – the first in our lives as Southerners!

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