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February 1, 2008

Brian had a phone interview for the job he is really wanting…We didn’t expect to hear from them at all until the end of February. They told him they would be doing face to face interviews toward the middle of February but would not be actually training until the first part of April. So….we hope this is good news and we are waiting on God to reveal this next step on the road to us.

Frustration…..Why does Disney (the company that earns millions and billions of dollars every year) feel the need to charge $15 PER TICKET for the Hannah Montanna 3D Concert being shown for 1 week only in Theatres? My daughter has been asking for WEEKS if she could go see it when it comes out and we told her if she earned 20 stickers (behavior incentive program we do with her) we would take her to see it. Seriously…..$15 dollars EACH? I never dreamed they would charge more than a regular movie ticket price. Now we will probably have to break her heart and tell her she can’t go…….Greed is an UGLY THING Disney Company! Grrrrr.

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