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Girl’s Day Out

February 2, 2008

Well we bit the bullet and got tickets to take Abbie to see the Hannah Montana movie/concert. It seemed so unfair to not take her when she has been looking forward to it for weeks and working hard to earn it. In the long run, although I still think it was too much to pay for a movie, it was well worth it to see the joy in my little daughter’s face as we spent our “Girl’s Day Out”.

We started with getting dressed up and ready at home – Abbie was going for a bit of the “Pop Star” look:


At the movie we waited with literally a couple hundred other girls and moms to get into the theatre….The anticipation was pretty high!  Notice the 3D Glasses:


I think the glasses make her look a bit like Mr. Magoo! We brought along the Hannah Montana doll for kicks and Abbie needed to pose with her:


Hannah looks like she need some attention to her hair!

After the concert (which was like no 3D movie I had ever seen – the digital effects were AMAZING….It literally looked like you were right there with them!) We stopped to pose with the big poster of Hannah….Abbie likes this one!


And, to wrap things up we headed across the street for some Ice Cream and a few more laughs and pictures:



It was a great experience for both of us and I look forward to many more years of fun “Girl’s Days” with my fun daughter! Aren’t kids a treasure?


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