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We must be doing SOMETHING right!

February 7, 2008

It’s easy as a parent to believe sometimes that you just are not very good at raising kids. It’s easy to take all the little things they do personally and feel that it somehow is a reflection on you and your parenting skills. Every once and awhile though, you get a glimpse of the person your child is becoming, and you can feel good about the fact that you had a part in shaping that person.

Yesterday my sister was watching my daughter for a few hours while my husband was at a meeting. She has a daughter who is 1 year younger than Abbie – the two girls are just precious together (although they sometimes fight like sisters!) The girls were playing something and went into the laundry room and my sister overheard her daughter say she was afraid. They couldn’t see that my sister was watching them and she saw Abbie take Ellie by the hand and tell her “it’s okay Ellie, you don’t ever have to be afraid – God is always with us.” Then she prayed for her little cousin – my sister said it was the cutest thing….she was holding Ellie’s hand and said “oh dear Jesus, just be with Ellie right now and help her to not be afraid.” I don’t know everything she said or prayed, but I know this….She is learning something of unspeakable value in her little 4 year old heart! She knows that God will always be with her and that the best thing we can do for someone who has a need is pray for them and with them!

I am thrilled that we get to play a little part in shaping her into a women who loves God and believes he will always meet her needs.  I won’t always get things right as a parent, but I will try my hardest to always point my kids to God….It’s the best thing I can give them!


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