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Meet Enock

February 15, 2008

You guys…..My heart is full and I’m overjoyed. Meet Enock


This is the child that we have chosen together, as a family to sponsor. My 8 year old son was very firm in his choice…he wanted Enock from the moment he saw his picture. We are eager to get information on how to write to him and become a part of his life. We are so excited that God has Chosen US to be the ones who make a difference in his life! I watched my son get tears in his eyes as he realized the magnitude of the difference our little bit of money could make in Enock’s life….he is starting to get it.

When Brian starts working again we plan to sponsor a little girl Abbie’s age……our family is growing!

Would you consider going here and choosing a child to take into your family….your heart? The need is so huge and we can do so much with so little!

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  1. February 15, 2008 9:22 pm

    Nice 🙂
    Its great to see children wanting to take care of people they don’t know 😀


  1. Where It All Started | Defending Love

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