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Oh no he DIDN”T…

February 15, 2008

I went to Target the other day for a little alone time. I believe my love of Target has been well documented in the past. I love Target!

 So, I’m strolling through Target (with my Starbucks….which is located INSIDE Target!) and decided to pick up a few greeting cards. I found the ones I wanted, put them in the front of the cart, and continued my shopping. Somewhere along the way I apparently set my purse on top of the cards and forgot they were there. So, after checking out and going out to my car I discovered the cards sitting underneath my purse. Of course, I felt terrible so I trekked all the way back inside (I was way out in the boonies of the parking lot) and went to the service desk. There was a teenage kid standing behind the desk so I told him what had happened and that I was bringing the cards back to pay for them…..Do you know what this kid who was probably half my age did? He narrowed his eyes at me, gave me a suspicious look and said “stealing huh?” Seriously…..did he JUST accuse me of stealing when I came back to pay for the cards? I was shocked and a bit steamed. I didn’t say anything to him, just left. Should I have said something?

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  1. brbrl permalink
    February 15, 2008 9:23 pm

    …Why would someone want steal some cards? hah ^_^

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