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Adventures in humility part 2….

February 19, 2008

It would seem that today just wasn’t my day! I was out sick yesterday so I had alot of stuff piled up on my desk when I got to work this morning. Then, about an hour into my day I decided to get a drink – I take 2-litres to drink because they are less expensive than cans. So I’m pouring my glass of diet cheer-wine (and before you get too excited, it’s not nearly as fun as it sounds…it’s some type of of diet cherry cola) and the entire 2-litre exploded all over the front of my sweater when I opened it. I was covered in reddish splotches. 

 Since I live 30 min. away and didn’t have time to go home and change, I drove to Walmart to try to find a shirt to wear. Normally I don’t enjoy Walmart AT ALL but did manage to find a cute shirt(and a cute pair of earrings, but who’s counting!) Then, coming out of Walmart and heading back to work I took a wrong turn not once, but twice. In my defense, I’ve never driven around that area before! I did finally make it back to work and had a relatively normal day….until having a fight over the phone with my husband while driving home (and yes I use a bluetooth….I don’t drive while talking on the cell phone)

All in all, it wasn’t the best day I’ve ever had. But, God is still in control, my husband and I still love each other, life is okay and this will all pass. And at the end of the day, I still ended up with a new shirt! Things usually aren’t as bad as they look at first.

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