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Is Oprah the enemy?

March 4, 2008

So I’ve been getting all these emails lately about Oprah and this author she has featured on her show. The bottom line of the emails is the agenda that Oprah is pushing to mainstream non-Christian spirituality.  This is a direct quote from the emails:

”  I looked on Oprah’s web-site and with a little
 searching, I did indeed find all that is said below to be true. This is one
 of the most dangerous things for our country and even the world because of
 her vast following and influence. If you are a believer of the God of the
 Bible, you really need to read the following – Oprah and Friends to teach course on New Age Christ or, Oprah joins false prophets Bible warned about”

I have a few thoughts on that!

1. Oprah, to my knowledge, has never claimed to be a Christ-follower. Why then would we expect her to behave as one? It’s just possible that Oprah believes in a new-age spirituality…..why would we not expect her to promote it?

2. Perhaps Oprah is truly misguided about what she is promoting. She clearly has some “spiritual” leanings, but doesn’t know which way to point them. You can’t speak the truth if you don’t believe it.

3. Why do we keep expecting the world to act like the church….it’s THE WORLD. I sort of expect some wacky stuff to come out of it!

4. Let’s not be too quick to point the finger…I’ve seen some pretty wacky stuff come out of the church as well.

5. Of course there is an agenda from the world to discredit and derail scriptural truth and teachings….there always has been and there probably always will be (until Jesus returns that is).

I don’t believe that there is a hidden agenda here – it’s pretty out in the open. She and anyone else are free to point their enthusiasm toward what they believe. It just happens that she has a much more public platform to do it from. Is she dangerous? I don’t believe so.  Should we be concerned? I’m not…. I’m secure in what I believe. Oprah giving the spotlight to something contradictory to  that doesn’t scare me. It’s an outstanding opportunity to dialogue with others about true spirituality. Instead of spreading lots of panic around lets dialogue with Oprah and others who buy into what she is promoting in loving and educated ways….be salt and light!  God promises that his word will be fulfilled. Truth will prevail. We don’t have to be fearful or get up on our soapboxes. Let’s just keep loving and serving and praying and let God lead us….he knows how to handle Oprah and anything else we throw at him!

That’s all I have to say about that!

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