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March 15, 2008

Here is how I am certain that we don’t live in Indiana anymore…’s the middle of March and all the trees are in full bloom, the tulips and lilies are up, stuff is flowering everywhere and it’s been in the 60’s and 70’s every day. If we were still in Indiana we would be having an occasional warm day, but we would be weeks away from flowers and trees blooming and consistent warm weather. Stuff has been blooming here since the end of February! I’m amazed at the difference.

 We have been LOVING the warm mild NC winter. I don’t think I had a heavy coat on more than 1 or 2 times – mostly just a very light coat is enough. Often, however, you don’t need a coat at all except early in the morning or at night….during the day it’s warm enough to just have a long sleeve shirt on. So for us, no snow to shovel and no heavy coats and hats and gloves = we are thrilled with our new home!

I asked Hubby the other day if he was truly happy with our decision to move here in spite of all the trials that we didn’t expect in the last 9 months. He didn’t hesitate at all and said absolutely. The bottom line, even with the difficulties, is that this still feels right for us and God is still blessing us. We love this area, we love the church we are at, we love the weather and still feel like we made the right decision. I’m glad we can still say that!

Happy spring guys!!! It’s right around the corner, even if you don’t live in the South!!!

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