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American Idol thoughts…again

March 19, 2008

So, what did you think of tonight’s elimination? I was a bit surprised at some of it, but totally expected other parts.

The surprise….Carly in the bottom three? What was America Thinking? That girl is one of the most talented singers that I have ever seen. She can SING. Her performance the other night wasn’t her best, but it certainly wasn’t bad either. I never expected her to be in the bottom three.

The parts I expected….Kristi Lee Cook in the bottom three along with Amanda. I totally expected Kristi to go tonight. I think she just reached the peak of her talent and has no place else to go. She has been mediocre all along. I’m a bit shocked that she made it to the top 10.

Amanda going home….not totally shocked at that one. As I said before, she seems like a one trick pony to me, and just doesn’t have what it takes to go any further. Still, however, I think she can sing and there is something about her that makes me want to cheer for her – she seems like the underdog or something.

So, for the most part, I think the top 10 is what I would have expected – other than Kristi.

What do You think? Thoughts? Comments? Do you even care?

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