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An Easter to remember…

March 24, 2008

For the last seven years or so Easter has not been a holiday that has been very enjoyable to me. With Brian being on staff at such a large and busy church, Easter usually meant that we would not see him at all for days at a time. 6-7 Easter services stretched out over the weekend meant that I spent all my time alone with the kids and went to Easter service by myself. Abbie didn’t get to get ready and show Daddy her beautiful Easter dress. Having no family closer than an hour away meant that by the time Brian was home from church at 3pm or so and we drove to get to family, it was evening and he was so exhausted he couldn’t enjoy dinner or family time. It was stressful and too busy to enjoy.

This year, all of that was different. We colored Easter eggs together – as a family. The kids were with their cousins and had a great time! It was so enjoyable for me to have that special time together. I spent Saturday shopping and getting food ready…all with the help of my husband. I didn’t do everything alone! We got up this morning and had an nice breakfast and got ready for church together…Abbie got to show Daddy how beautiful she looked in her dress and was thrilled. We went to church and sat together….I loved that!

My nephew was baptized as part of the service today along with several other people from the church….it was a really neat service. After church we took some family pictures together and then went home and gathered food and a change of clothes and went over to my sister’s house where we had a really fun Easter egg hunt for the kids and a fantastic dinner. It was low stress, enjoyable and memorable for all of us.

 I know that in the future, things will probably get more complicated again. Brian will not always be able to be around or not busy with church stuff during holiday times. But, I don’t see us ever going back to an environment where we have to push that hard – doing 6 plus services for a holiday along with multiple rehearsals and technical run-throughs. I think it will be different. And, even if it isn’t as different, I have had this great day to remember what it is like to just be a normal family enjoying a holiday together.

I will post some pictures tomorrow when I’m not so worn out from the weekend!

How was your Easter?

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