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My man…

March 31, 2008

My husband preached at church this past Sunday since our pastor was out of town. He has done this one other time in the past couple of months (and quite a few time when he was on staff at our church in Indiana). In all the stress and uncertainty of the last year I have not been privileged to see my husband in his true element – and I loved it!

Brian is many good things just as a man, but the thing that he is best at? Ministry….it’s just what he was made to do. Nothing blesses me more than to see him doing what he does best – leading worship, preaching, praying for people, counseling…..he does them all with such a tender heart turned toward God, and he does them all well.

I realized today, that he could get any number of jobs just to pay the bills, but he could never truly DO anything else as a vocation. I can’t imagine him being happy doing anything else. If anybody I have ever met was truly made to be a Pastor, it’s my man.

Seeing someone you love get to do something they love? THAT, is priceless!

So my challenge to you? pray for those that you love, that they would either discover what they were created for and grow into it, or continue to find pleasure and blessing in doing it if they already are!

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