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My Dog has Issues….

April 2, 2008

My dog used to sleep in a crate every night. When we brought him home as a puppy we were told to crate him at night and when we were not at home because he would feel secure and it would keep him from doing things in the house that we didn’t want him to do – it worked great for 4 years!


 Last summer, when we moved and had to move into my parent’s house for a season, we had to do away with the crate because there simply was not room for it. Now, most of the time, he sleeps in our bedroom on the floor with a pillow, which has worked out just fine. He does not get into things and is a really good dog – unless you leave food where he can steal it.  The issue? I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this, but my dog apparently does not like it, AT ALL, when hubby and I have “alone” time….you know, private married people time. I’m not kidding. It’s almost kind of creepy – like he “knows” what is going on and it makes him uncomfortable!  This dog isn’t bothered by the television playing in the room, by music playing, video games, talking, laughing, wrestling with the kids…nothing. He will just quietly lie on his bed and ignore anything going on around him or just  sleep through it. BUT, if my husband scoots over to my side of the bed and starts kissing me? Well that is apparently more than he can take. He will get up and leave the room, or if the door is closed, he will scratch at it to get out. If he could, I’m sure he would be doing it while sighing and rolling his eyes! The first few times he did it I thought it was just a coincidence, but now I’m convinced we are truly bothering him! Last night we were lying in bed watching TV and my husband gave me a kiss – nothing loud or particularly passionate, but the dog (who had been asleep on his bed) got up and almost RAN out of the room. I went out into the hall to see where he had gone and he was sitting in the hallway staring at the door. It was almost as if he was just sitting there waiting for it to be over so he could go back to bed!


I guess when we move we need to relocate his bed to one of the kid’s bedrooms – there isn’t any space in the room they are sharing now. I’m sure he (as well as my husband and I) would be more comfortable with that arrangement! So, do you think he knows what is going on or is it just a fluke? Perhaps he is still bitter over the *neutering* incident?



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