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Dude….it's a controversy!

April 10, 2008

Apparently the internets have a thing or 8 to say about American Idol contestants singing “Shout To The Lord” while dressed all in white in a cheesy fashion…..check this out:

Except for one weird search query about “Scary Hannah Montanna who is so pretty” (not quite sure what that  was all about) – every search query on my blog today was related to American Idol and that song.

It would seem that people are talking…..I haven’t read most of what is being said, but apparently people do have opinions.

So….what have you read?

***UPDATE!!!! Okay….just watched the opening number of the results show of American Idol….DID YOU SEE THAT? They not only reprised “Shout to The Lord” (and not dressed in white I might add) but they put “Jesus” back into the lyrics. Very Interesting don’t you think? It would seem that enough people had something to say that they saw fit to “fix it”.  I’m not quite shocked, but I am very surprised!

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