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April 14, 2008

It’s been so long since I have written an actual “update” about our family for those who read this that know us and wonder how our lives are going. I figure it’s time.

Sometimes it’s tough to write about our life when I feel that the news isn’t “good” – I don’t want to sound as if I am complaining. Things are much the same. Sill working the same job…it’s okay but not challenging or fulfilling. I’m spending most of my time ordering office supplies and delivering mail/packages and some assorted filing/data entry. None of the tasks I do on a daily basis truly use my skills or my education, and I’m paid okay but certainly not well. It’s a job and I’m thankful for it, but I want to be doing so much more!

Brian is in the same boat – has a job, but isn’t using any of his gifts or skills and isn’t making enough $ to really provide for us. If my parents were not graciously allowing us to continue living with them we would be sunk. Basically, we make enough money to pay the bills, babysitting, gas and food. There isn’t anything left to pay for housing or utilities. So, unless something about our situation changes, we can’t move forward.

The frustrating part is that our entire purpose for moving here – to work towards planting a church, can’t move forward either until we are making enough money to live on. That concern has to be met before we can do anything else. So, we continue to try to look toward God and believe that he knows the end of the story….he has a plan, even when we don’t understand.

The kids are doing well and continue to love their friends and spending time with their cousins. Abbie will turn 5 next week and starts Kindergarten in the fall – I can’t believe that is possible! She spends large amounts of her time practicing her writing and drawing and sings nonstop. Her current favorite show is American Idol!

Noah just finished reading the entire Harry Potter series in less than 2 months – He loved every moment! Now he is starting on the movies and is reading the Eragon series. Reading is a big passion of his, along with Playstation…..not much of an outdoor kid! He is doing fantastic in school and has become so mature – he is an awesome helper around the house.

We continue to love being at the Raleigh Vineyard and have formed some fantastic relationships there. We are getting some true mentoring and friendship from the leadership there which has been such a blessing to us during this time. We have needed that for a long time and God has really blessed us during this season with Godly counsel, leadership and relationship.

The weather in North Carolina has been FANTASTIC and is such a change from the weather in Indiana. We marvel all the time at how beautiful and mild the Winter and Spring have been! The sun shines almost all the time!

I can’t think of much more to say for now. For those of you who know and love us I would ask for your specific prayers that God would provide a way to fill the income gap and allow us to have a home of our own again – it’s been nearly a year and we truly long for a real “home” to settle into. I don’t know how God will choose to meet that need, but I know he can!

Blessings on you all – our family and friends…we truly miss you and are thankful for each one who has played a part in our story so far. You are a treasure to us!

Drop us a note and let us know how things are in your world!

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