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Beauty and The Beast….

April 17, 2008

Tonight we were given 4 tickets to see a local production of Beauty and The Beast by some precious friends who were unable to use them. Both Brian and I were really tired and knew that Noah would not be overly jazzed about going, but my mom had talked a week or so ago about wanting to see the production, so…..of went Nana and PapPap with Abbie and my sister’s daughter Ellie.

It was really precious…both of the girls got all dressed up in fancy dresses and were so excited about their Date with Nana and Pap. The show didn’t start until 7 and they finally got home after 10:30! From what they had to say… was fantastic! Apparently this local high school rented all these costumes and sets from a professional production and they were amazing. My mom said she just couldn’t believe how high the quality of everything was – the singing, the acting, the costumes…it was all great!

So, I’m sad that our friend’s daughter was sick and could not use the tickets, but it sure made the night for two grandparents and their granddaughters! I’m sure my little one is dreaming of Belle and beautiful ball gowns and princes tonight.

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