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Matt Maher….

April 20, 2008

Earlier this week I received a pre-release copy of a new CD by an artist named Matt Maher – the CD is titled “Empty and Broken”. He is the artist who wrote the song ” Your Grace Is Enough” that was made popular by Chris Tomlin. I’m not positive if he has released any previous albums or not, but I’ve given this CD a listen and I have a few thoughts…

Matt has a fresh sound and a fresh perspective. I’ve listened to the songs a few times now and I’ve enjoyed them a bit more each time I hear them….I’m finding new stuff to like with each listen.

My two favorite tracks are “Your Grace Is Enough” and “Empty and Broken” – I really love the string arrangements on “Empty and Broken” and is has a haunting memorable sound….very searching and vulnerable. I’ve always loved “Your Grace Is Enough” since I first heard it and this is a fresh and new recording of it.

If you enjoy worship music (as I truly do) then do yourself a favor and give this CD a listen. I think we will be hearing more from Matt Maher!

You can check out Matt’s music by going to his website here. Enjoy!

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