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My dog…..still has issues!

April 21, 2008

Do you remember this post?  I posted a few weeks ago about how my dog has some significant issues with my husband and I kissing and hugging…and anything more than that.  The other night I decided to do a little experiment and see how he would do. I waited until he was totally knocked out on his bed (which is in our bedroom). We had been laying in bed watching tv and talking…not quiet and not trying to be quiet, but he happily slept through it all. After awhile I turned off one of the lights and said in a quiet voice….”I’m going to give Daddy kisses now!” and scooted over to Brian’s side of the bed. I started making kissing noises and waited to see what he would do. At first, he did nothing, so I kept it up for a moment and sure enough he stood up, shook himself off and walked out of the room…….and you guys? I swear he shot me a dirty look as he walked out! For some odd reason, I think it really irritates him! It’s almost too funny not to tease him about!

So there you go….my random thought for the night. My dog has issues….still. I’m just sayin!

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