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Sleepless in…..oh wait, that's already been done!

August 7, 2008

Couldn’t sleep last night…..I hate that! First my mind was racing and I couldn’t shut it off. Then my dog was snoring (loudly) under the bed – my side of the bed. Then it was too hot. No matter what I did, it seemed like there was something else to distract me and the end result was frustration! Around 1am I finally got out of bed and took 2 of these:




I don’t know what they put in them…and maybe it’s all in my head, but pretty soon, I was OUT. I’ve developed a deep appreciation and affection for Tylenol PM!

So I’m needing some heavy-duty caffeine this morning to get me up and running…how are you this morning?

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  1. amyloublog permalink
    August 7, 2008 5:35 pm

    Yep those little PMs are my new BF as well.

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