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Not everybody looks good naked!

August 22, 2008

The other night I was watching this show:

Now in all fairness…..I’ve only seen this show once. I’ve heard about it, but had not watched it until the other night. That being said, however, I have a few thoughts about what I saw…..

1. You could pay me LARGE amounts of money and I wouldn’t agree to being on this show….no way…never going to happen!

2. The woman who was featured on this episode? She actually DID look good naked….although, just to squelch any nasty rumors about my TV watching habits….they never actually show the people featured completely naked….tastefully and artfully draped or covered in the….umm….necessary areas, but not completely naked…..but enough to see what they really look like. My point? This particular women really had nothing to worry about.

3. Do they ever put people on the show who actually maybe *don’t* look good naked and try to convince them that they do? Let’s face it…..some of us….including myself…..just look better with clothes on! Admit it people… know it’s true!

4. If you truly didn’t think you looked good naked….what on earth would make you think getting on national television in your underwear (or less) would help?

5. Why is this entertaining? I’m by no means a prude….but I fail to see the draw here…..truly!

So….there is my 2 cents……what do you think? Thoughts? Opinions? Sarcastic comments?….Come on people…..let it all hang out! *snicker*…..

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  1. Dennis permalink
    October 30, 2008 5:13 pm

    Well I am going to say only one thing to Tracy, yes everyone can look good naked. I am not a photographer and I have been married for 22 years and my wife is not petite and definetely not obese, but she is beautiful. When you look at your body, you got to look deeper, inside your heart. You can be the best looking person in the world and if you are an evil person inside, you are ugly. I see your picture of your face and I know you are a beautiful person and yes you would look great naked. Look deeper.

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