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September 2, 2008

Did you ever have a day, or string of days, where you just felt restless? Unsettled? It’s the strangest feeling and it only happens occasionally….I almost can’t explain it. It’s like I’m not totally satisfied with anything, but nothing is really wrong. Life is pretty good right now…pretty consistent for the first time in SUCH a long time. We are happy, healthy, thriving and moving ahead….but I still feel restless!

Maybe it’s all the politics swirling….always a debate to be had or a point to argue. Maybe it’s school starting…maybe it’s circumstances or stress…..

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s God breathing into my life and whispering ever so softly something that I can’t hear any other way….maybe I’m missing HIM in the midst of life going well.

It’s easy to fall at the feet of the one who created you when life feels like it’s falling apart. It’s so much easier to depend on your Father when you have no other choice. The challenge, for me, is to continue to seek him in the midst of goodness….to continue to need him when it doesn’t feel like I do.

What is God saying to you lately?

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