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September 5, 2008

It’s been a slow week at work. Not a lot going on and I haven’t wanted to start any big projects since I’ll be gone next week at a conference in Atlanta (which is another story that I’ll write more about this weekend)

So….in the midst of the slowness I decided to download FireFox and check it out – see why so many people that read my blog use it over anything else. And seriously?……Why have I not checked it out before?  I am loving it and am thrilled with all the neato little add-ons that are available to make it even better. I’ve got a lot more checking out to do, but my initial impression is really good….I think Internet explorer is going away in my world.

As an aside….I also did some checking out and using both Safari and Google Chrome as well to see which one I liked best. I love Apple and if I had the $ I would have a Mac in a heartbeat, but I’m not feeling the Safari. It’s too stripped down and not intuitive enough for me. And Google Chrome? I wanted to like it…I really did, but sadly, I liked it even less than Safari…’s stripped down to the max and I’m a girl who likes her gadgets.

So there you have it… expert take on all things Technological. Aren’t you glad you have me in your life!

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