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Howdy Peeps…

September 9, 2008

I am sitting in the Westin Hotel in downtown Atlanta right now missing my family. I’m here until Friday for a work-related conference. It’s been an eventful day and I’m tired but I thought I would give you some of my stream-of-consciousness thoughts on travel and the city of Atlanta!

  • Airplane travel used to be almost glamorous….emphasis on used to. We were smashed into that airplane like little sardines. Also, I should mention that you now do “self check-in” that took 2x as long and was immensely confusing – at least for me! I checked the same bag in 2 times somehow and was charged $25 for “extra baggage” which I was assured would be refunded “when a supervisor was on duty” Additionally, I was seated in the very last row of the plane right next to the bathroom….good times!
  • I feel obligated to mention that I saw a woman wearing an Izod shirt on the plane today….Izod people! You know, with the bright color and the little smiling alligator? AND, it appeared to be a new shirt….not a vintage throwback type garment. Apparently, it is 1984 again since I saw stirrup-pants advertised a couple of weeks ago!
  • I am staying in a hotel with 52 floors overlooking the city of Atlanta…..and chicken that I am, I asked for a floor “close to the bottom”, which puts me on floor 15….overlooking the tops of a few other buildings. I am nothing short of fearless people.
  • I did, however, take the MARTA (subway) from the airport instead of taking the easy way out and taking an expensive cab!
  • My brother-in-law is currently my hero for letting me borrow his air-card that affords me unlimited Internet access anywhere I go on this little business trip.
  • And lastly…..I think somebody knew what they were talking about when they wrote the words “there’s no place like home….”

Sleep well peeps….I’m going to test out “The heavenly bed”.

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  1. September 10, 2008 6:35 am

    I have stayed in that very hotel for a conference a few years ago. Very nice, the “heavenly beds” as they call them are too die for. Enjoy! I will be back in Hotlanta for a conference the first week in October. Too bad they didn’t fall at the same time, we could have done Starbucks together. Miss ya!

  2. robynpaige permalink
    September 10, 2008 5:57 pm

    I saw a discussion a few weeks ago about Katie Holmes wearing pegged jeans – seriously, pegged jeans. I for one would hands down rather wear an izod shirt than pegged jeans (the stirrup pants however, may be another story)

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