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Christmas Tradition Time….

December 1, 2008

Heather over at Whittaker Woman is doing a fun “Tradition Time” share-o-thon each Monday in December so we can connect and share our meaningful and fun Christmas traditions.

I love how community works!

Here is one that we are enjoying right now:


Each year we try to celebrate Advent with the kids as a way to focus them in on the true meaning of what the season is about. We don’t always have time to do it every single night, but we try to do it as many nights as possible. We light the candles on our advent wreath, talk about the promise of Jesus coming and what it means to our lives and the lives of people back then. We read scriptures about the promises of the coming of Jesus and then pray as a family together. As our kids get older they get it more and more…and it’s fun to see the connections they make.

Last night was the first night of advent and our youngest lit the candle while our oldest read the scripture. Then, we followed with the nightly family reading of “Marley…a dog like no other” – we are nothing if not spiritual around here interpeeps! Truth be told? I’m not sure if the kids were more excited about the candles and scriptures or the reading of “Marley”, but we are hopeful that some nugget of spiritual truth will lodge itself in their brains and capture their hearts just a bit….and remind them in the midst of the commercialized Christmas, that Jesus changed the face of the world with his birth….and we will never be the same again.

So, what are YOUR traditions? Check them out here

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