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From the "Inappropriate dinner conversation" files…

March 10, 2009

Am I the only one who has strangely dis-jointed and oddly inappropriate conversations happening around the dinner table on a somewhat regular basis?

Last night at dinner Boy Wonder  looked at me and said “Mom, what color do I look best in?” Random question…but ok. I told him he looked good in red. Then, he proceeded to ask the same question for each member of our family.

When he got to me, he looked at my husband this time and said “Dad, what color does Mom look best in?” And the reply of my brilliant husband? “Mommy looks good in everything….actually she looks best in nothing” to which my son responded “DUDE! Why would you say something like that about your wife?”

My response was something along the lines of TMI man….just too much information! I appreciate the compliment, but my son was not looking for that particular piece of information and now he will probably be in therapy some day trying hard not to remember it.

Fortunately for hubby his comment went right over the boy’s head – he actually thought that my husband was saying nothing looks good on me….hence his shock and disbelief that those words were uttered in the first place.

We like to keep things real around our house…..but I think some things are better left un-said.

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